Stone delivery

Restoring and recycling! The stone for our latest restoration project came from nearby barn ruins that were on their way to the landfill.

The total cost of the exterior restoration is projected at $250,000.  We have plans to:

$15,000 to restore front door, hood, and flanking benches

$15,000 to restore east porch and three exterior doors

$20,000 to restore kitchen hearth and bake oven

$75,000 to restore 26 windows and pairs of shutters

$125,000 to remove two existing mansard slate roofs, rebuild peaks of gable walls, and build two new pitched roofs with cedar shingles

Archaeology Field School Students

Archaeology field school 

Now in its seventh year, the archaeology field school is in need of new equipment and supplies.

$1,500 –  6 screens for sifting dirt to look for artifacts.  Each screen costs $250.

$700 –  Trowels, picks, shovels, kneeling pads, gloves, and other excavation tools

$500 – Lab supplies such as boxes, plastic storage bags, markers, pencils

Garden gate and historic toolsGarden

$5,000 – A traditional Pennsylvania German kitchen garden will be planted at The Speaker’s House in 2014–2015.  Donations of any size are welcome to help acquire heirloom plants and historically accurate fencing for the garden.


$6,000 – Property insurance for the 250-year-old house and two-acre property in addition to insurance for our volunteers and trustees is one of our largest annual operating expenses.  Donations of any amount to help offset this cost are welcome.  Total annual cost: $6,000

Heirloom daffodil at The Speaker's HouseProperty maintenance and landscaping services

$5,000 – Each lawn mowing of the two-acre property costs $100.


Volunteers doing landscape clean up at The Speaker's House.Volunteer

Be a part of a team of committed individuals passionate about history, education, and preservation.  Join us!


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