The Speaker’s Gazette Spring 2014

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Meakim, Dennis R., Esq. “The Speaker’s House.” Sidebar Magazine Winter 2014-15: 28-29 Print..

December 4, 2013: Montgomery Bar Association to be recognized by The Speaker’s House.  More information about the George Matthews Harding painting.

October 7, 2013: Letter from The Speaker’s House board president Lisa Minardi to the Perkiomen Valley School District Board voicing objections to the potential sale of 10+ acres directly behind The Speaker’s House for redevelopment into a high-density housing development.

November 14, 2012: One bidder buys all to keep Muhlenberg family treasures together

November 4, 2012: The First Speaker and Speaker’s House saved from wrecking ball

May 16, 2012: German delegation visits historic Trappe, Pennsylvania

March 1, 2009: New life for rare Frederick Muhlenberg portrait

December 2, 2008: Congressman Jim Gerlach and County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel receive Speaker’s Choice Awards

May 28, 2008: Roofline of Frderick Muhlenberg’s 1780s general store revealed

April 22, 2008: Congressman Jim Gerlach and County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel show their support of The Speaker’s House; historical marker installed

March 1, 2008: Speaker’s House establishes Sgt. John T. Bubeck Memorial Fund