About The Speaker’s House and Our Mission

The Speaker’s House mission is to inspire leadership and civic engagement by bringing to life the home and legacy of Frederick Muhlenberg, first Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.


Born in Trappe in 1750, Frederick Muhlenberg was also a pivotal figure in local history, serving as the first president judge, recorder of deeds, and register of wills when Montgomery County was established in 1784. For several years his home in Trappe was a de facto center of government, until Norristown became the official county seat.


In the early 2000s, his house was nearly torn down, but a grassroots effort by local citizens saved the building and its 1.9 acre property. A nonprofit organization was then formed to manage its restoration and development into a historic site. Now known as The Speaker's House, the organization is a leader in Trappe's community revitalization and historic preservation efforts.

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Board of Trustees:

Ms. Lisa Minardi, President
Ms. Adrienne Stalek, Vice President
Mr. Alan (Pete) Townsend, Treasurer
Dr. Glenys Waldman, Recording Secretary
Mr. Walter Lapinsky, Corresponding Secretary

Mr. Stephen Babinsky
Mrs. Catherine Minardi
Mr. Matthew Schelly
Mrs. Susan J. Stevens


Mr. Christopher Grasberger

Ms. Vordea Mingis, Assistant Treasurer





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Advisory Board:

Mr. Joseph Szlavik, Chair

Mr. Robert Brant, Esq.
Dr. S. Ross Doughty
Mr. P. Taylor Goetz
The Honorable Joseph H. Melrose, Jr.


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